WA Student Assistance Payment

Don’t forget to claim the WA Student Assistance Payment, you can only claim this until Friday 28th June 2024.  If you are having any problem claiming this payment of $120 for Primary students and $250 for secondary students please contact us on 9238 0900.

The ServiceWA app is the fastest and most convenient way to claim the payment.

Download the latest version of the ServiceWA app and log in with your Digital Identity (myGovID).

Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/servicewa/id1599181775
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.gov.wa.digital.service.mobile.servicewa.citizen

For app support, head to WA.gov.au/servicewaapp

First Aid Corner

The West Australian Government is providing a free flu vaccination for anyone who wants one throughout May and June. These can be accessed at your Doctors, Pharmacy 777, Terry White Chemmart and some participating Chemist Warehouses by booking online or popping in.

With the warm autumn weather, the mosquitos are still active around the school site. If your child is prone to being bitten, spraying some insect repellent on them before school may help alleviate any nasty bites.

Family Liaison Officers

Every little bit helps.  See below some information found on Concessions WA.  It is worth checking out the Concessions WA website  https://concessions.communities.wa.gov.au to see if you may be entitled to some of these rebates/concessions.

Synergy Rebates & Concessions

If you or someone living with you holds a valid concession card, you could be eligible for different rebates that help reduce the cost of your energy bills.

WA Government Energy Assistance Program

This rebate has replaced the Cost of Living Allowance (CoLA) and supports eligible concession card holders by paying $326.32 of their energy bill each year.


You’ll need one of the following cards to qualify:

  • Centrelink Health Care Card
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concessions Card
  • Veteran Affairs Gold Card
  • Centrelink Commonwealth Seniors card
  • Veteran Affairs Commonwealth Seniors Card
  • Veteran Affairs Pensioner Concession Card

Hardship Utilities Grant Scheme (HUGS)

This is a State Government initiative to support Western Australian families and households to pay their electricity, water or gas bills if they’re experiencing financial hardship.


They will work with you to determine your HUGS eligibility and payment amount if you’re:

  • A residential customer
  • Assessed by Synergy to confirm financial hardship (in line with our hardship policy)
  • Unable to pay your current bill or you’ve already had your service disconnected

Dependent Child Rebate

  • Supports eligible customers who have dependent children by reducing the amount owing on their energy bill
  • The rebate is calculated daily and is based on the number of dependent children listed on your concession card


You’ll need 1 of the following cards to qualify:

  • Centrelink Health Care
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concessions Card
  • Veteran Affairs Gold Card
  • Veteran Affairs Pensioner Concession Card

Life Support Equipment Electricity Subsidy

Offered by the WA State Government to support families and household with the costs associated with operating life support equipment at home.

Please refer to the Department of Finance to find out how much you will save.


You’ll need 1 of the following cards to qualify:

  • Centrelink Health Care
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concessions Card
  • Veteran Affairs Gold Card
  • Veteran Affairs Pensioner Concession Card


  • Medical authorisation from the treating physician or medical specialist

Thermoregulatory Dysfunction Energy Subsidy

Offered by the WA State Government to help support those who require heating or cooling to control the temperature in their home, due to specialist medical advice.


You’ll need 1 of the following cards to qualify:

  • Centrelink Health Care
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concessions Card
  • Veteran Affairs Gold Card
  • Veteran Affairs Pensioner Concession Card


  • Medical authorisation from the treating physician or medical specialist

Workplace learning

Transitioning from school to work can be an anxious experience for young people.  The NDIS School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) is a support to help students smoothly transition from school to employment.  SLES is only available to students through their NDIS plan in their last year of school and when they have already left school.  It falls under the Finding and Keeping a Job category with line item 10_021_0102_5_3 

The purpose of SLES funding is to give young people who have the ability to work the skills, confidence and independence to help make the transition from school to work. It does not provide young people with employment.

When young people leave school, SLES is just one of a number of options, or pathways, to employment.   Other options include:

  • Going straight to open employment
  • Going to supported employment; or
  • Volunteering

SLES provides small group work skills sessions, tailored one-on-one support, and work experience to help each student towards employment.  The nature and delivery of supports depends on what the student needs and the provider can supply.

Capacity-building activities that may be included in a SLES program and assist with goals can include:

  • money handling skills
  • time management skills
  • communication skills
  • discovery activities
  • work experience
  • learning how to take instruction at work
  • travel skills.

The funding is an annualised funding model (so you get a set amount per year) rather than a set hour, this is to provide maximum flexibility and funding can be received for up to two years.

If your child is in Years 9 and above and has the potential of employment it is worth keeping this funding source in mind.

If you need more information, NDIS sessions are being run by Mission Australia at Bayswater and Maylands Library’s. Below is some information:

Mission Australia is now offering an information service to help you understand and navigate the NDIS.  Visit Bayswater and Maylands libraries to speak with a representative from Mission Australia and learn more about the NDIS, including how to:

  • Access the NDIS
  • Prepare for an NDIS planning meeting
  • Understand and use your NDIS plan
  • Use the NDIS My Place Participant Portal
  • Manage the budgets in your plan
  • Find and engage providers to help you reach your goals
  • Link to mainstream and community supports and services

Bayswater Library
Wednesdays, 9am – 12pm

Maylands Library
Fridays, 12 – 4pm

Bookings are preferred but not essential. To make an appointment, call 1800 370 776.


Kaya Wanjoo,

Welcome back from term 2.  It has been great to see all the smiling faces back and eagerly awaiting their art sessions.  I thoroughly enjoy greeting all the students as they walk over to the ETC for Art.  I have also been enjoying the much welcome change in weather.  The cool change has brought comfort for both staff and students.  With the cooler mornings and rain hopefully on the horizon, please remember to send students to school with warmer layers of clothes (especially senior students who venture over to the ETC for Art on Wednesdays and Thursdays).

Art has been bubbling along nicely this term.  We are focusing on circle and pattern in Art.  Students have been learning about shade and light and have begun the term with water colour bubbles that have been great fun to paint.

Reminder: Students in the ETC have been working hard to complete Enterprise projects, some of these being plastics, sewing and fine arts.  Our Mother’s Day stall on Friday 10th May was a success, it was full of amazing creations made by our students.  Thank you for your support.

Warm regards,
Karli Dore
Arts Teacher

Satellite 2

To start off the term, Satellite 2 and Room 12 at Embleton Primary School hosted the Harmony Day Assembly.  We all worked hard, learning the song ‘Better Together’ and learning our talking parts. It was a great day.  After the assembly, our students’ families came to see our classroom and then we joined in a whole school picnic. 

We have welcomed a new student, Bronte in our class this term. Everyone has loved getting to know her.

We have also begun swimming lessons at Durham Road School. The students have loved coming to Durham Road on a Wednesday and making friends with the students in Early Years.

We are looking forward to the rest of Term 2.

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Satellite 1

We have been on quite a journey in our classroom this term, experiencing a diverse array of engaging activities and learning opportunities.  We honoured ANZAC day at a whole school  assembly, and embraced and celebrated our diverse origins on Harmony Day.  The picnic lunch was spectacular as everyone tried foods from different cultures, fostering a beautiful exchange and we celebrated our cultural identities with one another.

In class we had fun discovering the flags representing our diverse cultural backgrounds  and got creative during our art lessons to create  our window display for Harmony Day!

Students have been immersed in learning about Living and Non- living entities in Science, culminating in the hands on experience of cultivating our own garden bed during our Bunnings incursion.

Wednesdays have been quite the highlight each week, as students get to enjoy their swimming lessons at Durham Road School, then get to ride on the bus back to Embleton.

We hope all our wonderful “mums” had an amazing Mother’s Day and enjoyed the nice little surprise we made.

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Room 31

As our term moves along at a fast pace, Room 31 would like to now showcase the holistic approach to safety that has been put into place across all learning areas and activities.

During Workplace Learning across different settings, students have been learning about and putting into place the essential skills needed to be safe in the workplace.

In the classroom, students have been practising other life skills including how to safely make their own toasted sandwiches and pizza subs, and how to be safe during Science activities and working together.

This focus has set the Room 31 team up with essential skills to be safe and successful no matter what they do.

Room 27

What an exciting start to Term 2 it has been!  We have gotten straight back into our community access programs and have even started our ‘All Aussie Adventures’ which takes us all around Perth to see our famous landmarks.  During these programs we build confidence in our communication skills, transport skills and safety skills out in the community.  Our travels have taken us to the Bell Tower and Fremantle’s Maritime Museum.  It is safe to say we are becoming more and more independent with each trip.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter article to see where we go next.

Room 26

In maths this term room 26 are learning about telling time to the quarter hour – which means we also need to learn about fractions (halves, and quarters) and skip counting in 10’s and 5’s!

We have a weekly jobs roster in our class for every student.  It is their responsibility to identify their job and make sure they do their job for the week.  The jobs in our room include duties like collecting and dropping items with reception, class librarian and doing the dishes – encouraging our students to move towards independence.  Travis helps his classmates read and log the weather, Oliver hands out class resources, Summer answers the telephone.

In term two we are learning all about rocks and their formation.  Our first session introduced igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks and then we had a hands-on opportunity to explore a selection of each.  Students took note of crystals trapped within the samples, the layers of sediment build up and the varied colours.

We were delighted to finally get some rain after our long hot summer so to celebrate we made a Rain Gauge out of recycled plastic bottles, a ruler and tape.  Now we can measure the quantity of rainfall  over a 24 hour period.  We placed them carefully outside just in time for the big downpour.

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Room 25

Each week, in room 25, we select a picture of something of interest to us.  We open Pic collage on our class iPad and take a photo of the photo we selected.  Sarah loves Frozen and Princess movies; she was away when we took these photos.  We brainstorm many words about our photo.  We can describe colours, objects, names and feelings.  We then put our words into a sentence and read the sentence to our class.

Room 16

Welcome back for Term 2 –  Room 16 have been having a blast since you last checked in with us!

This term we are exploring our class theme ‘people and places’ and have been learning about and celebrating the diversity in our class.  In literacy we are reading books from different places around the world.  Our art lessons involve decorating flags that represent the cultures within our room with lots of cool materials.  It’s been very hands-on and exciting.

We had the exciting opportunity to meet some of the West Coast Eagles players this term and as always, we are loving our MSR and swimming lessons – they are some of the highlights of our week.

We have loved term 2 so far and can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds - room 16 staff love working with such a fantastic bunch of students and watching them learn and grow each day!

Room 15

What a fabulous start to Term 2 that we have had in Room 15!  We have been working very hard on our communication and are using student devices and our class PODD books in all our activities.  This has lead to some fantastic discussions with students around feelings, the weather and classroom activities.

In science this term we are learning about heating and cooling.  All our experiments are focussed on melting, freezing, and the affect that heat and cold can have on objects.  So far we have melted chocolate, made our own icy-poles and cooked some eggs.  We can’t wait to do more hands-on learning through this term!

Room 14

Term 2 has already been full of excitement for Room 14! We’ve had a visit from some West Coast Eagles players, who signed t-shirts and enjoyed listening to messages using Zoe’s switches, especially their theme song! We have begun celebrating some birthdays and coming up with wonderful ways to describe our friends. The book, “My Grandad Marches on ANZAC Day”, by Catriona Hoy, helped us learn about ANZAC Day. We really liked making tactile tissue paper poppies. Lastly, we enjoyed making beautiful picture frames for Mother’s Day.

Room 12

This term in room 12 we have been reading books about transport.  We are learning that some transport can be on the roads, in the sky and on the water.  During numeracy we have been looking at heavy and light objects, same and different and big and small.  Our favourite activities have been trying to sink the boats with heavy objects and colour sorting our trucks and cars.  With the weather changing and the rain starting we have been going outside in the mornings to discuss what we can feel on our skin.  Some days we describe the weather as warm and other days we can feel the weather is cold and we have even felt raindrops on our faces.  It has been a great start to term 2.

Room 11

Welcome back to Term 2!

Room 11 is happy to be back into routines and settling in well.  Our work mode is back into full swing, and we are doing a wonderful job.

This term we will continue working on expressing gratitude and kindness in and outside of the classroom.  We are working hard towards our IEP goals and using our voice to communicate our wants and needs and being more independent in our tasks and classroom routines.  We are looking forward to all the exciting events happening at the school and wish you all a great and successful term.  Please enjoy our photos.

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Room 10

Room 10 have had an exciting start to Term 2.  We’ve taken part in the recent West Coast Eagles and Fire Service incursions.  We’re also looking forward to visiting the aquarium later this month.  In the classroom we’re continuing to work on our literacy.  Creating sentences inspired by our books of the week has got us talking about our families and our favourite things to do.  In maths we are developing our sequencing skills and finding fun ways to improve our numeracy.  We’ve noticed the days getting a little cooler especially in the mornings.  But that hasn’t stopped us continuing our bike riding adventures around the oval.  In science we have been predicting whether oranges float or sink… it depends if you peel them!

Room 3

After a sneaky move, Room 2 has now become Room 3!  We have a lot more space which has been great, although some of us have taken some time to get used to our class not having a big red door! Term 2 has been awesome so far!  We have enjoyed learning about ANZAC Day and really enjoyed reading My Grandad Marches on ANZAC Day by Catriona Hoy.

Making playdough, singing interactive songs and playing peek-a-boo have been some favourite activities for the whole class to get involved.  Taking turns to choose the animals while singing Old MacDonald has a Farm has also been another winning activity. 

A big thanks to the special ladies in our lives for being the most amazing advocates for us!   We hope you all had a special Mother’s Day!

Room 2

It has been a lovely start to Term 2.  Every Wednesday with Bev, the students have been enjoying learning about Australia and the different days we celebrate as a country.  They have been listening to a range of stories, songs and explored Australian foods through touch, smell and/or taste . On Monday the 6th of May the students got to meet the players from the West Coast Eagles.