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2024 Therapy Requests

Dear %%first_name%%

All onsite therapy has now ceased for 2023.

Attached is the 2024 Application for Onsite Therapy at Durham Road School.

You will need to reapply in 2024 if you wish to have therapy sessions at school.  Please ensure all forms are signed by therapists/parents and attached therapy plans/goals are up to date.

Only therapy requests that meet one of the school priority areas as outlined on page 2 will be considered. 

If approved, times and dates for therapy sessions will be negotiated after the classroom timetabling has been finalized in 2024 and can commence from Monday 19 Feb 2024.  Please note: therapy sessions are to be held outside the classrooms on the verandas.

All therapy requests/questions are to be sent to  durhamroad.therapy@education.wa.edu.au and not to classroom teachers.


Linda Lane

November 16 Newsletter

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2023 Art Exhibition - Thursday 30th of November


2024 Section 24 applications

Dear %%first_name%%

Your childs current Section 24 will expire in December 2023.

The school administration team is currently planning for 2024. 

Are you planning on re-applying for a Section 24 for your child to attend therapy sessions offsite during school hours next year? 

If yes, please contact the school via the email below or in your childs communication book of the day/times and a new form will be sent home for you and the therapists to fill in ready for 2024. 


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Pirate Day - Friday 19th of May


Kindy Grand Parents Morning