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37 Durham Road
Bayswater WA 6053
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September 24 Newsletter

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Future Pathways Parent Information Session


Graduation Assemblies


Footy Colours Day 2021


September 2 Newsletter

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Jeans for Genes Day 2021 - Friday 13th August


We are supporting Jeans for Genes in 2021 on Friday the 13th August 2021.

Every minute around the world, 12 kids are born with a birth defect or genetic disease.

All money raised funds the vital work being done in the labs at Children’s Medical Research Institute to help the 1 in 20 children living with a genetic disease or birth defect.

Those with cancer and many other genetic diseases are immunosuppressed and worry every day about diseases we take for granted. With COVID 19, we all now understand how they feel. When there’s a vaccine and this is over for us, it will not be over for them—not until we find the treatments and cures they desperately need.

We encourage everyone to join us - wear your jeans and donate a gold coin.

June 28 Newsletter

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May 20 Newsletter

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Pirate Day 2021


April 1 Newsletter

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